Video Services

MOJI CINEMA: We believe in helping people create a bigger impact by showing them a better, more simple way to tell their story so that others get it. Video Marketing Services That Work. Reach new customers. Grow your business. Stand out from the crowd.
LEGACY VIDEOS: We believe in helping people have a bigger impact on future generations by providing them with a multimedia platform to record their most important life lessons and family history traditions. The best way to pass along life stories, lessons learned, and family values from one generation to the next!
What Moji Cinema does really well is capturing the emotion of a story. We use our video not only to show our prospective residents, but we also show it to our new employees so that they can understand our culture. Our video is not only a great sales tool, it’s also a great employee training tool.
— Jay Manning, Beehive Homes
We showed our legacy video to our kids and grandkids over the holidays and they were thrilled. They were not aware of some of the stories we shared about our family history and the video also became a great conversation starter about the life lessons we shared.
— Bill Moeny, Legacy Video Client