How to Prepare for Your Photo Session


  1. DON’T Have a Bad Hair Day
    It’s usually not a good idea to experiment with a new hairstyle the day you get your pictures done.
  2. DON’T Try New Makeup
    Thinking of trying our a brand new makeup artist that you have never used before? Probably a bad idea.
  3. DON’T Wear Busy Prints
    Unless you really love busy prints and patterns, don’t wear them to your session. They will attract attention away from your face and expressions.
  4. DON’T Schedule Your Children When They are Cranky
    Usually, early morning appointments are best when photographing children. Plan their appointment when they are at their best.
  5. DON’T Wear Sleeveless or Short Sleeve Tops
    For many people, sleeveless or short sleeve tops are not very flattering. If you want to look thinner, long sleeve, dark solid colors work best.



  1. DO Wear Dark Solids
    Dark solids in long sleeves can make you appear thinner and they help focus attention to the face and expressions. For group photos, coordinate styles and colors so everyone’s outfits complement one another.
  2. DO Wear Jackets
  3. and Sweaters
    Always bring layers of clothing with you to your photo session. Jackets and sweaters are flattering, plus they give us more posing options.
  4. DO Bring Your Pets
    Pets are part of your family too. Dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and boa constrictors can add a fun component to your photo session.
  5. DO Bring Props and Uniforms
    Bring in a prop that helps you express your passion. Musical instruments, athletic gear, awards, costumes and uniforms are just some ideas on making your photo session more personalized and fun.