The problem with most fundraising programs is they are a pain in the neck to implement and they often result in disappointing results. Selling gift wrap paper, candy, popcorn or other goods is usually a pain. You have to sell the product, keep careful track of what was ordered from each person, order the product and then hand deliver it to each person. Car washes? Lots of hard work! Bake Sales! Same Thing! With the Moji Family Portrait Fundraising program, there is an easier way. Here is how it works. Your organization sells vouchers to families for only $10. The $10 voucher entitles the purchaser to a family portrait session and one 10×14 portrait of their family for FREE! The 10×14 portrait has a retail value of $70, so it’s a great deal for the people who purchase the voucher. The best part of this fundraising program is that 100% of the $10 vouchers sold go directly to your organization! Do the math. If you have 20 people selling 20 tickets each, you have just raised $4,000 for your organization. These vouchers are easy to sell because for a $10 donation, you are giving your donors $70 value in return!

When your organization sells at least 60 vouchers, Moji will come to a location of your choice and photograph families who purchased a voucher. We will take an array of group photos, subgroup photos and individual photos. Two weeks after the portraits are taken, we will come back to your location to deliver the FREE10x14 portrait and we will also present other photos in different sizes that are available for purchase.

Photography of families and delivery of 10×14 portraits will provide an additional opportunity for your organization to make money.

For every family photographed who views their portraits Moji pays your organization the following:

  • Up to 60 families – $6.00 each
  • 125 families – $7.00 each
  • 200 or more familes – $8.00 each

Here is how easy it is to raise thousands of dollars:

  • Twenty people sell 20 vouchers each – $4,000
  • Three hundred of the 400 vouchers sold get photographed and claim their FREE 10×14 – 300 x $8.00 = $2,400
  • $6,400 Raised for Your Organization!

We provide you with everything you need to make this successful. We provide the vouchers, the marketing materials and prizes to your top sellers. We will do all of the photography and provide your donors with high quality, professional portraits at affordable prices.

If you are interested in our fundraising program, call Lillian Garcia at 505-459-9751 or Grace Sedillo at 505-550-4729. For more details, download our fundraising PDF.