Why Paul Left Kim Jew

As Business Manager for Kim Jew Photography, Paul Jew spent over 30 years helping to build Kim Jew Photography into one of the largest privately owned photography studios in the country. A question that is frequently asked of Paul is: “Why did you leave Kim Jew Photography?”

Here is Paul’s answer to that question:

“I have nothing but love and respect for my brother Kim and I believe he is one of the finest photographers in the country. Over the years, Kim’s skill and reputation as a photographer improved to the point where leaders in government, business and the entertainment world sought him out to portray them. His prices increased significantly and justifiably so. The problem was that we had three locations in the Albuquerque market and there were not enough wealthy individuals to sustain three studios using the Kim Jew pricing structure. As the business diversified to serve schools, athletic teams and churches, the disconnect became even further with the Kim Jew brand.

I decided that the best thing to do for both my brother and I was to leave Kim Jew and form a new company. This would give us the freedom to better server our school, church and athletic league clients and to create products and services that would be affordable to more people. The first thing that I did when we formed Moji was to lower our studio portrait prices by 30%.

We still have many of the same talented staff when we were Kim Jew on Gruber, many of whom have been with us for over 15 years. Our objective is still to create create visually stunning photographic and cinematic products that make people look good. We just want to make these products and services accessible and affordable to people other than the most wealthy people or celebrities.”