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Moji means TO REMEMBER. Our mission is to create visually stunning photographic and cinematic products for you that will help you to remember the people you love.

Moji Studios is an Albuquerque photography studio owned and operated by Paul Jew. Paul is the brother of Albuquerque photographer, Kim Jew. Together, they grew Kim Jew Photography into one of the largest independently owned photography studios in the country. Paul was instrumental in diversifying the business into serving high school seniors, schools, athletic teams, churches and families.

This growth necessitated creating a spinoff that could focus all of its attention to serve these markets. Thus, Moji was born in 2013.

Moji has a state of the art photography studio in Albuquerque, NM. We create aesthetically pleasing family, high school senior, children’s and business portraits that are flattering, fun and affordable. Moji’s philosophy in portraits is simple: Make People Look Good. This is accomplished by advising people on the most flattering clothes and colors to wear, using state of the art diffused lighting equipment and techniques, composing the image so that it is pleasing to the eye, eliciting great expressions and making the photo session fun.

Our Albuquerque Photographers Work Extends Outside The Studio Too!

Moji’s experienced staff has been taking school photos for over 30 years. Moji serves many elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and charter schools of all sizes. Moji is renowned for taking school pictures that look too good to be school pictures, making school photography day as painless as possible and delivering exceptional service. Through revenue sharing, Moji raises thousands of dollars each year for the schools who partner with them.

Moji also has an exceptional sports photography department. We specialize in taking team and individual portraits for all types of sports as well as magazine quality action shots. We serve several athletic leagues for athletes of all ages and our revenue sharing program raises thousands of dollars each year to athletic organizations.

Are you looking to raise funds? Moji’s fundraising family portrait program is one of the easiest and most effective ways to raise money for non-profit organizations. Moji’s fundraising program has been used by schools, churches, ministries and clubs to raise much needed money for various causes.

Our newest product and service is called Moji Cinema. By utilizing cinematic storytelling techniques, we create compelling narratives about artisans, families, businesses and organizations that inform and inspire.

Moji means “To Remember”. That is what we help you to do.

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